WBC Root Beer Soda Pop 4 pack Glass Bottle

Goose Island's WBC Chicago Style Root Beer 12 oz. Glass Bottles

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WBC Chicago Style Root Beer

Made with Real Sugar • Caffeine Free • Naturally Flavored • Gluten Free

Chicago’s visitors are awestruck by its towering skyscrapers, iconic bridges, and breathtaking lakefront, but locals never miss a chance to enjoy one of its lesser known but equally memorable experiences…a WBC Chicago Style Root Beer. Made with 100% REAL SUGAR, naturally caffeine-free and never pasteurized, it’s unlike any of those syrupy concoctions you’ll find in an aluminum can or two liter bottle. Rich, creamy, and thick in tradition, each sip of our WBC Chicago Style Root Beer reveals a flavor as unique as the city it’s named for. Just like Chicago, we’re sure you’ll find yourself wanting to visit it again and again. Our Chicago-made brew is still made with the original recipe.

While drinking a bottle you’ll notice the vanilla notes up front and wonder what familiar taste you’re getting at the end. The wintergreen finish will cause you to reach for that second bottle. Maybe pour it over some vanilla ice cream this time? As the line up’s first born, WBC Chicago Style Root Beer expresses its own personality with a fresh design that plays on classic Chicago iconography while making it clear who the star is in the soda line up.