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Hienie's Hot Sauce Pints

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In 1947, Hienie’s opened their first store on 91st and Mackinaw, on the South Side of Chicago, selling just fish. A year later, they introduced chicken to their menu. After perfecting their recipe for fish and chicken, they needed a sauce to go with it. What was created is now a Southside tradition that has spawned its own Facebook page and is shipping orders around the world. The neon orange, spicy sauce along with Hienie’s unique flavors makes a mouthwatering, incomparable, savory taste.

Although its intended use was for fish and chicken, it has been noted as a zesty compliment to chips, pizza, eggs and countless other items. What was just a local secret has received numerous accolades from Chicago Tribune, Food Guide, WLS 190 North and WTTW Secrets of the City TV shows.

Enjoy this Southside sauce with family and friends and don't forget to "Grab Some Hienie's!"