WBC Black Cherry Soda Pop 1 Liter Bottle

Goose Island's WBC Black Cherry Soda (Pop) 1 Liter Plastic Bottle

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WBC Black Cherry

Made with Real Sugar • Caffeine Free • Naturally Flavored • Gluten Free

Our WBC Black Cherry has been re-formulated to deliver an uncanny match while using only all-natural flavor. We avoided that super-sweet candy tasting cherry flavor and now are able to deliver a grown up WBC Black Cherry Soda that will put a big smile on your face as you are transported to a memory of summer. WBC Black Cherry Soda contains no caffeine and is gluten free. You’ll want to immediately pick up the soda when you see the rich and deep color of red. As the cap comes off the bottle you’ll notice the highly aromatic scent of the all-natural Black Cherry flavor. The taste packs a powerful punch with a bit of tartness and finishes smooth.