Third Party Fulfillment

Let us ship your company's online orders! Impress your customers with fast & fresh daily shipping. 

There's no doubt about it, in 2022, if you're not selling merchandise on your company's website, you're leaving a huge chunk of change on the table!  Ecommerce is essential for any thriving business today.  But when it comes time to pack orders and deal with the logistics of ecommerce, things can get overwhelming fast.

There are other third party fulfillment services out there but none of them specialize in food and beverages; like us!  With the other guys, it's just a matter of time before your product is crushed, melted or being sent out expired.  We understand the specific needs of companies shipping out food and beverage orders direct to consumers; delicate handling, maintaining optimal storage temperature and ensuring proper expiration date rotation are essential!

We can do it all: chips, ice cream, baked goods no problem!

We specialize in fulfilling ecommerce orders for food and beverage companies based in the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana region!  This allows us to maintain optimal inventory levels and nurture close relationships with our partners.

You've seen our products on the shelves of the biggest grocery chains in Chicagoland.  Our brands are for sale on websites like Amazon, Target and Walmart.  We'd be more than happy to help grow your brand through these channels.  HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT MANDATORY FOR YOU!  

The basic setup is this:

1)  We purchase some product from you and store it in our warehouse.
2)  We link your website with our fulfillment software.
3)  YOUR customer goes on YOUR website and places an order.
4)  That order is forwarded to our warehouse through our fulfillment software.
5)  We pack that order and ship it out the next day.
6)  The order is delivered to your customer with a label that says it's from you.

Some other things to consider:

1)  You still have the same control as if you were fulfilling the orders yourself.  Meaning you can cancel an order, view tracking status, email the customer, etc.
2)  We can use custom packaging, insert promotional material etc.
3)  We can also take on more responsibility if you'd like.  Like handling customer emails and dealing with refunds.

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